Easy to Use, Advanced Security,
Full-integration and Great Rates!

Data Sync

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All TouchSuite products are designed to auto-sync with or take payments from directly within QuickBooks, helping to eliminate double-data-entry errors, reduce accounting time, and streamline reconciliations. Products are Data Core Integrated for a fully connected payment experience that supports all native QB POS functions– not plug-ins, making this a true benefit.

TouchSuite’s applications are designed specifically around Merchant feedback and processes, following the native workflow of your POS and making it easy for your staff to learn how to use it.

Whether you take payments from a terminal, smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet, TouchSuite has a product built with you in mind.

Faster Funding

Get your money faster with Lighting Solutions. TouchSuite’s Overall Effective Rate Guarantee means you will never pay more if you process with us, and you’ll never pay for any hardware, software or gift card transactions.

Secured Systems

All TouchSuite’s products support the highest level of security available for payment processing today to protect you from security breaches, fines and lawsuits that could damage your business. Learn more about Point-to-Point Encryption, PCI & PA-DSS compliance and how to make sure you’re protecting yourself from a security breach.

TouchSuite’s robust Outage Protection® and Stand-In® programs keep you open for business regardless of any outage: payment platform, power or Internet. Our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee makes it so that you don’t really have to worry about that, though.


Since TouchSuite supports every facet of your payment processing experience (hardware, software, accounting system, and merchant services support), cross-department and cross-provider “blame game” is no longer an issue and we can resolve any support problem in one call with one person.

Want to switch but stuck in a contract? We offer Switch Support to help you get out of your contract today.

Low Rate Guarantee

It is important that you pay a fair price for your merchant services. That is why we offer you our Overall Effective Rate Guarantee. When we evaluate your account we will show you what your current effective rate is and show you how we can save you money.

Monthly Discount

Monthly Settlements instead of Daily Settlements allow business owners like yourself to accept fees and adjustments on a monthly basis instead of doing so every day. Settling monthly permits you to save because charges added to the principal is once, helping with cash flow for your company. Compounding rates daily also reduces the amount of interest you could earn on the principal, as such, switching to Monthly Settlements will have a big impact on your bill, saving you potentially hundreds!